Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide

Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide
Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide

Koh Lanta is a small and charming island bathing in the Andaman Sea, located on the south-west coast of Thailand. The living is easy here.

Two hours south of Phuket, Koh Lanta is in fact an archipelago of more than 50 islands, most of which are wild and uninhabited. More commonly known as Moo Koh Lanta, the archipelago stretches more than 26km.

The main island is divided in two, and shares the same name: Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai. The island is mainly inhabited by the ‘Sea Gypsies’, a people whose tribal culture dates back several thousand years.

It is Koh Lanta Yai which holds the most appeal for tourists. The tourism on this island is very far removed from the typical mass tourism found in other parts of Thailand. A stay on the island of Koh Lanta will definitely cause you to lose track of time. Many tourists arrive planning to stay only a few days, and end up remaining for weeks, or even months (hotels & resorts).

There is a great variety of restaurants on the island, offering both Thai and European menus. The beach bars provide cool drinks during the day, and plenty of entertainment and excitement come nightfall. (bars & restaurants.)

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Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide
Koh Lanta map - Click to view a larger version

The beaches are certainly one of the most appealing aspects of the island. Koh Lanta boasts more than 10 beaches, each of them with its own certain charm. It might, however, be difficult for you to see them all – it usually happens that you fall under the spell of one of them, and end up staying there for the duration of their time on the island (photo gallery) !

Divers, whether just beginning or more experienced, will find their paradise in the waters surrounding Koh Lanta. The island is close to the famous Hin Daeng & Hin Muang pinnacles, where marine life is exceptional (scuba diving). Boat tours can be arranged, either individually or by group, to visit the neighboring islands.

Boats or canoes can also be rented to explore the incredible mangrove swamp, inhabited by crab-eating monkeys.
Other activities on offer to you include: snorkeling, jungle treks, waterfalls, orchid farms, and visits to the underground grottoes.

Koh Lanta is often called "sunset island". And, as the entire west coast offers great views, you can enjoy these spectacular sunsets from the beach of your choice.

But what exactly makes Koh Lanta such a special island to visit?

• a rich and colourful natural environment
• exceptional dive sites, some of which are world renowned
• A wide range of lodging options
• A multitude of land and water sports and activities
• A warm welcome and smiling locals
• The west coast boasts astonishing white sand beaches which stretch for miles.
• Within the turquoise waters, marine life is abundant and varied.
• The rest of the island is managed by the Koh Lanta National Park, which protects the jungle and forested regions. Wood cutting is strictly regulated, and most resorts have embraced this trend of eco-tourism.
• The twenty thousand inhabitants of the island have added tourism to their already long list of industries - including fishing, coconut, rubber tree plantations, rice, fruit trees and shrimp farming for export.
• Even mid-season it is possible to walk several kilometers along the beach and only meet up with a handful of other tourists.
• The islanders have kept their grace and charm, and the island itself remains an authentic escape in comparison to the other more developed islands and beaches.
• Most of the beaches on Lanta are edged with trees, which provide you with a shady escape from the mid-day sun.

The tourist season stretches from October to April. Most tourists, however, tend to visit the island between December and March. Each year, an increasing number of people visit during the low season, and as a result, most resorts now remain open year-round. During the rainy season, (August through October) there are torrential rains for hours daily, sometimes even stretching to several straight days of rain (climate).

Getting There

From Phuket, Bangkok, and Malaysia, Koh Lanta is easily accessible. The island is serviced daily by passenger ferries from Krabi or Koh Phi Phi, and alternately by car ferries leaving from Hue Hin pier on the mainland. ( information on how to get to Koh Lanta).

Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide
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Koh Lanta Diving : Liveaboards, Accommodation & Travel Guide